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Jacobsen turns 100!

In honor of the Jacobsen brand turning 100 in 2021, Jacobsen has updated their website. Take a moment to check out the new site, and to view the different videos on various products.

As Jacobsen moves into its second century, the company has a huge amount of exciting news and content to share including the launch of the new stand alone Jacobsen website and unique products, the Eclipse 360 ELiTE and AR530, that signal the company's renewed commitment to quality and innovation in the golf industry.

Turfwerks is proud to partner our 17 year old company with this 100 year old brand.

Visit the new website at www.Jacobsen.com 


Click on the video link ---> to see the new look and image of Jacobsen.

100 years strong!

New to Turfwerks in 2021

Take a moment to browse our new products. Exclusively sold at Turfwerks!

Yanmar TY Tractor Series

Simple But Powerful

Our YT3 Series tractors are designed to make work easier for people of all skill levels. The YT347 includes an auto throttle that enables you to control engine and travel speed with the accelerator/drive pedal. This makes operating the tractor like driving a car or truck with an automatic transmission car. A/B Mode lets you preset your maximum travel speed. An anti-stall feature keeps your engine running when you dig or lift a heavy load. There’s also cruise control to keep you moving efficiently when mowing or traveling for long stretches.

Available for less than $4,500 per year, plus tax!

Click here to download the Yanmar YT Series Tractor Brochure.

Jacobsen AR331 Rough Mower


Introducing the SIDE-SHIFTING CONTOUR ROTARY MOWER from Jacobsen. Cut around ponds, bunkers, and hazards with precision using the AR331 Side-Shifting rotary mower. Jake’s Signature Cut is combined with simple routine maintenance and quick adjustments to give you a mower that can cut all day and always operates with ease.

Click here to download the AR331 Brochure.

Smithco Spray Star 1200

Industry Leading

While Standard Controls are available, the Spray Star 1200 features industry leading options such as the TeeJetTM Radion Rate Controller, Radion with Dyna-JetTM Pulse Width Modulation, or Smithco’s Star Command II providing consistently less than 2in/5cm corrections, turn compensation, and featuring industry-leading 10in/25cm nozzle spacing offering a 100% greater accuracy than our competitors.

Click here to download the Smithco Spray Star 1200 Brochure.

Progressive TDR-X Contour Roller Mower

When building our first purpose built roller mower designed for both golf courses and sports fields, our customers wanted a mower that is nimble, durable, easy to use and maintain. Progressive Turf Equipment took those requests and created the TDR-X -'The way a contour mower should be designed'. It all starts at the front with the Adaptive Swivel Hitch that lets the mower work with the tractor instead of fighting with it, unlike a mower with a conventional hitch. Equipped with PRO-EZII blade tips, the TDR-X give an elite, professional finish that you can be proud of. Full width rollers on both the rear and front of each roller deck leaves stripe after beautiful stripe. Pro Lift-N-Turn lets you go over cart paths, roadways, and other obstacles while never having to shut off the PTO. Maintenance is a breeze with maintenance free spindles, 100-hr PTO shafts and a spring-less belt tightening system gives you piece of mind over the long term. The 3 decks float independently allowing the TDR-X to follow the contours of any golf course it cuts. Anyway you look at it, the TDR-X is: "the way a Contour Roller Mower Should Be Designed!"

Steiner 450 Tractor


The Steiner Advantage vs. Ventrac

  • Larger fuel tank
  • Compatable with all Ventrac attachments
  • Actual foot control on unit

Calling the Steiner® 450 just a tractor would be like saying a bulldozer is just a shovel. There’s a difference. And it’s a big one. More versatile, more capable, the 450 can be equipped with over 30 attachments and comes with engine options up to 37 horsepower. With standard four-wheel drive and an articulating, oscillating frame for maximum ground engagement on steep, rugged terrain—then throw in exceptional ride comfort—and you’ve got more than just a tractor. You’ve got a Steiner.


Click here to download the Steiner 450 Brochure.

Smithco Tournament XL 7000 Ultra Wide Greens Roller

Cut your time in half by going to the XL 7000 roller. The 70” width allows you to complete greens rolling much quicker compared to a 40” standard unit.

Click here for more information on the Smithco XL7000.

Turfco T5000 Spreader/Sprayer Applicator

The new Turfco T5000 applicator is now the most powerful and productive stand-on large area spreader/sprayer on the market. The powerful 22 HP engine combined with dual 30-gallon tanks, 10 ft effective spray, and 325 lbs of granular capacity, lets you cover more properties in a day. Precision steering and patented boomless design let you navigate tight areas and zoom past obstacles others in its class cannot. Plus, the T5000 is stable on hills and won’t tear up the turf like a zero-turn can. Train new operators in under a week saving thousands in training.

Click here for the T5000 Brochure.

Echo Robotics Driving Range Turf Maintenance 


First, it no longer means tons of time and effort, or having limited bandwidth to focus on big-picture issues. What it does mean is a totally autonomous range operation—without losing balls to cutting or compaction. Not only is the RP-1200 autonomous, emissions-free, and whisper-quiet, it also works in tandem with the TM-2000 Robotic Mower. In other words, driving range 2.0 comes with healthier, better-looking turf. Better still, their performance can be monitored and controlled from anywhere using an online portal or app on your smartphone. That means you can reallocate your resources in ways you never thought possible—because until now, they never were.

Click here to download the Echo Robotics Brochure.

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