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Turfwerks is more than just a sales and service company. We can help you finance your equipment too. Read below to find out why financing your equipment is a possible solution for your course.


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Why Finance?

  1. You have to upgrade your equipment. It's inevitable whether you are a public or private course, old or new.
  2. If you believe No. 1, you know it's hard to do because competition has intensified and budgets are tight.
  3. If you believe No. 1 & No. 2, you also know operating a golf course is NOT getting less expensive. The grass is still growing, but you have other obligations pulling on your purse strings such as capital improvements, mortgage, annual opening expense, etc.


Why Turfwerks?

We understand equipment. 

We take financing to the next level by offering our customers:

  1. Different terms - one season up to six or seven seasons - based on the useful life of the equipment
  2. Different purchase options - owning the equipment at the end of term is ALWAYS an option
  3. Include all product types - new, demo, used
  4. We can include equipment already owned
turfwerks finance
We can finance more competitively than your bank because we understand golf course credit. Leave your bank lines open for what banks do best. Leave the rest to Turfwerks. 

Want to learn more about our custom finance solutions?

Reach out to our team to discuss how Turfwerks can help your course with a custom finance solution fitted to your budget.

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