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Mete-R-Matic IV Topdresser


The Mete-R-Matic® IV featuring a patented Chevron® belt, is the first and only topdresser to ensure uniform application of all types of materials and varying levels of moisture content, including wet sand. Perfect for after aerification. You can consistently apply a wide variety of topdressing mixtures such as sand, organic compost, peat humus, and rye grass, as well as crumb rubbers, gypsum, lime and calcine clays.

Ideal for golf greens, cultured grasses and other areas sensitive to weight, this topdresser utilizes an eco-friendly, patented ground-drive system. When you speed up, slow down or cross uneven terrain, the conveyor belt and brush automatically adjust at the same rate to provide a consistent and even application every time. No hydraulics, no pumps and no engines. Just hook up and go.

A wide, galvanized hopper won't rust or flake and is easily loaded with the Turfco CR-15 or other front-end loader. Easily towed by turf truck vehicles, the Mete-R-Matic IV is designed to handle any topdressing program.