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CR-8 Large Area Topdresser & Material Handler

New larger capacity 2.0 cubic yard hopper.


The CR-8 makes topdressing even easier by combining patented technology with built-in versatility. New hydraulic controls, combined with WideSpin™ Technology, give you greater control and a wider range of applications to deliver your most accurate spread from light to heavy, wet or dry, and up to 45-feet wide. Reduce the number of passes and decrease traffic our your turf with even, edge-to-edge applications.

The heavy-duty galvanized steel hopper can handle up to 2 cubic foot in capacity, including lime, sand, stone, wood chips, compost, soil conditioners and grass clippings. It's a higher capacity machine in a modestly sized package, right-sized for mounting on smaller tractors equipped with 30-hp or greater engines (for powering hydraulics operations). In action, the CR-8 is rated for top speed operation at 8 mph, which means it can cover a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time.

The spinner angle can be adjusted to allow for driving topdressing material into the turf, minimizing the need for brushing and eliminating variations in moisture control. The CR-8 rolls on four 26.5 x 14-12 4-ply tires with walking high beam suspension, allowing for higher tire pressures that ease the trailer’s impact on the turf. The curved metering gate is fully manually adjustable.