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CR-15 Large Area Topdresser & Material Handler

Combines unprecedented productivity and precision

The CR-15 Large Area Topdresser & Material Handler revolutionizes fairway and large area topdressing in the same way the WideSpin 1550 does for greens. It comes equipped with a digital Smart Controller that gives superintendents the ability to calculate their preferred rates then lock in rates and widths into four savable pre-sets. Operators can switch between presets on the fly for greater productivity.

The edge-to-edge spread capability offers a consistent application that's pinpoint accurate, eliminating waste. Miscalculating a spread by five feet off the fairways can add up to 4 hoppers loads or more. Areas needing heavier applications like landing zones can be handled with the push of a button.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, the CR-15 doubles as an all-purpose construction and renovation machine. Quickly load other topdressers, turf vehicles and spreaders or move around the course. Use it on a daily basis for everything from renovating bunkers and filling ditches to fixing washout areas.

  • Topdress fairways
  • Load topdressers
  • In-house construction
  • Renovate bunkers
  • Fill irrigation trenches
  • Transfer material to hard-to-reach places
  • Fix washout areas
  • Rebuild tees