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Tournament Ultra Lite

Lightest footprint in a dual roller drive system

Smithco Ultra Lite Roller

At 605 pounds, it’s the lightest riding greens roller made with dual hydraulic roller drive for superior traction and maneuverability.

It’s also the only roller with direct drive which does away with the chain maintenance required by mechanical systems.

The hydraulic operation of both 8″ seamless tapered steel drums eliminate slipping on steep slopes and the damage that can be caused by single drive rollers.

The Ultra Lite is for users who prefer to use lighter weight rollers to avoid any potential compaction issues. At 605 pounds, it’s below our competitors weight while still providing dual drive propulsion for extra traction.

Powered by a 9 HP Honda Commercial Duty engine with a tight turning radius of just over 10 feet, the ULTRA LITE delivers a whole lot yet it’s the most affordable roller made by Smithco.