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Sweep Star V62

Engine powered pull-type sweep

The Sweep Star V62 is our most popular sweeper and for good reason. Compare it to the competition and see for yourself. It’s the perfect solution for picking up leaves, grass, trash and aeration cores.

  • 62″ 9162 cm) sweeping width.
  • 4 cubic yard (3.1 cu M) debris hopper.
  • Terrain-following sweeper head (hydraulic drive).
  • Powerful 18 1/2″ diameter, 8-blade vacuum blade.
  • Hydraulic tailgate dump.
  • Choice of rubber finger sweeping reel or nylon bristle brush sweeping reel.
  • 31 hp air-cooled Vanguard engine.
  • Electric clutch for quiet operation around golfers.
  • Choice of hitch: unique, high maneuverable 5th wheel for Jacobsen Turf Truckster® or tractor clevis.
  • Highly efficient dust and dirt filtration system.