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Spray Star 1750

The ONLY hydrostatic-drive midsize spray vehicle

Smithco Spray Star 1750 Golf/Turf Sprayer

  • The ONLY hydrostatic-drive midsize spray vehicle in the world.
  • 175 gallon (660 l.) Smithco “Perfect Solution” elliptical polyethylene tank.
  • Simple and reliable hydrostatic drive provides infinitely variable speed
  • Lightweight on the turf, approximately 10 psi (.7 bar) ground pressure, protects your fine turf.
  • Hydraulic Power Steering offers extreme maneuverability around the tightest greens, tees, bunkers and other areas requiring spray application.
  • Positive ground speed control system assures even spray application.
  • Extremely high volume solid stainless steel centrifugal pump running at constant speed, provides the highplication rates plus consistently high agitation volume through the Smithco Quad Jet agitation system. Pump equipped with low volume warning horn and automatic air bleed.
  • Perfect application rates through a choice of 3 spray control systems (Raven SCS440 computerized spray control; Standard electrical boom and pressure control; Simple manual boom and pressure control.
  • Safety for the operator, environment and players who play your course. Certified ROPS w/ seat belts and (optional) Smithco Safe-Fill System.
  • The perfect choice for deadly accurate application on the whole course.