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L Carrier

Broadcast Spreader

The L Carrier offers the ability to pull a spreader in wet conditions without risk of soil structure damage. Two 11”L X 15” tires come standard with the L Carrier. A flotation tire option is available.

  • Converts both the L1500 & L2010 to a trailer broadcast spreader
  • No powerful lifting power is required
  • Fertilizer, chemical or topdressing spreading can be carried out with smaller tractors

The spreader is PTO driven and offers remote rope control feedring and side spreading, retaining all of the advantages of a 3-point spreader.

Spreading system
The spreading pattern adjustment plate, with section indication, provides a variety of settings, ensuring simple operation.

Dynamic design
Six dynamically designed spoons direct a metered quantity of material to the field ensuring a constant and precise material feed from the disc to the spoons.

Easy to clean
All Lely broadcast spreaders have hoppers that can be removed or tilted up by one or two latches, making for easy and quick cleaning of the critical feedring assembly area and ejector disk, ensuring a long life for spreaders.