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The First Autonomous Robot for Turf and Snow

Smart, self-driven, and works year round. The RT-1000 is a fully autonomous workbot designed for commercial outdoor jobs. Just map the task. Then assign the robot to mow grass or clear snow—by itself, day or night.

The RT-1000 is powered by a gasoline engine driving hydraulic pumps and features an articulating frame and all-wheel drive for great traction, stability, and long runtime.

Change with the seasons. Switch out attachments to transform the RT-1000 from a commercial field mower to a snow-clearing machine.

Attach Mow Deck:

  • Run autonomously all day—no operator needed
  • Mow up to 2 acres per hour and 20 acres on a tank of gas
  • Frequently-mowed lawns need less water and are healthier
  • Shorter clippings easily composted back into turf

Attach Snow Broom and Deicer Box:

  • Clear 2 miles of sidewalk per hour
  • Move sidewalk snow 14 times faster than manual labor
  • Continuously run snowbot to keep snow from accumulating
  • Apply deicer while clearing snow or by itself