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Turf Tech 200/160


The Model TT200/160 is a 200/160-gallon sprayer designed to make your Textron truck a dedicated unit. By using a unique tank and boom design, it offers the operator greater safety and spraying accuracy. However, the sprayer is easily removed making you truck available for other projects.

The tank is a low-profile 200/160 gallon poly with an oversized sump and dual inductor agitation nozzles, that provide excellent mixing action, yet allow complete drainage of the tank. Its corner-fill well with splash guard provides greater safety because the operator does not have to reach over the sprayer when filling with chemicals or water.

The spray boom is a three sectioned, balanced boom. It has 4-20” nozzles per section to give greater spraying accuracy and a cov-erage up to 20’. The boom wings have breakaway action, end guards, and can fold forward or cross in the back. It comes complete with Quick-Jet nozzle caps, no-drip diaphragm check valves, and your choice of nozzles.

The standard control console with motorized ball valves and a butterfly servo valve give complete control of the 3 boom sections and instant control of pressure.

The high efficiency hydraulic driven pump provides up to 120 psi or up to 75 gal/min and is driven off the vehicles standard hydraulic system.

The heavy formed steel frame mounts with 2 quick-hitch pins in the back and 2 hold-down pins in the front.

All units come complete with an emergency 3-gallon water tank.

Accessories include anti-siphon fill valve, sprayer stands, foam marker, hand gun & rack, hose reels, electric boom lift, covered boom, and automatic rate controllers.