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Professional Infield Groomer - On & Off The Field

The Infield Rascal MVP is the professional-grade baseball and softball infield groomer that is a proven top performer both on and off the field. Unmatched in effectiveness and versatility, the Infield Rascal MVP, is designed for daily commercial use on both recreational and professional-level infield surfaces, plus it has the amazing ability to transform into a multipurpose ground-prep tool for seasonal renovation of the infield surface and off the field work. During seasonal renovation it can de-compact extremely hard infield surfaces & warning tracks, eliminate lip build-up along the turf edge, remove weed growth and creeping grasses at the root level, and even tackle gravel parking lot restoration and seedbed preparation jobs around the facility. No matter the level of play, condition of the field, infield surface material, or moisture available, the Infield Rascal® MVP has the technology to put your best game on the field. One tool does it all! This baseball & softball infield drag holds multiple patents and has additional patents pending.